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Neil Walker

The sad Mackem b*$*ard

Slave to the machine

Personal Website Not Listed

Neil is married (sorry girls), a software engineer (sorry Neil), 'incredibly hunky' (sorry boys), and has a passion for looking at pictures of programmers' wives (sorry bastard).

He is the proud owner of several small furry things, and isn't allowed to put pictures of the dead ones on his web page.

Neil once discovered beer, sex, music and drugs, but didn't realise you had to smoke some of them - anyway, he forgot where he put them which is probably just as well, otherwise he'd never have made a start on Underwurlde Mil(l)en(n)ium.

Oh, and he doesn't want to know about the cost of your phone bill. He's much more interested in how much you spend on stalking Terry Wogan. Yes, you. You know who you are... and you know Neil knows where you live. What's more Neil knows you know he knows. So ner ner.