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Matt Smith

You can't quite see his medals from here

Slave to the machine

Personal Website Not Listed

DFC, George Cross, Knight of the Queens Garter, Worshipful Master, Congressional Medal of Honour, Croix de Guerre, Hero of the Soviets People's Revolution, Freedom of Manchester, Food Technology First Class, Violinist of the Year 1986, Blue Peter Badge, MCSE

Matt is somewhat of an over achiever. This situation has come about after the pschychological effects of becoming an orphan after both his parents died during childbirth. Growing up with only his space hopper for a friend he became interested in Marxist thinking. In later years he went on to become involved in several cvil wars in Central America, becoming known to the revolutionaries as 'Tolva anaranjada del espacio del apocalypse', or 'Great warrior on a space hopper'.

Happily these days he has calmed down and been corrupted by money. Rather handily for writing Retro games he is proficient in Pascal and also can be found on Friday evenings showing off his skills in food technology and space hopper operatics.