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Ignacio Perez Gil

He is not. I repeat not, the man from Del Monte

Slave to the machine

Personal Website http://retrospec.sgn.net/users/ignacio/index.html

Ignacio (AKA the Black Flittersnoop) is a pole-vaulter with an ironic sense of timing. Oh how we laughed as he once sailed clean over the washing line, into the back of a passing milkfloat, crumpling one of Mr Cream's finest yoghurty delights into a pulp (and inventing the world's first dairy-based diamond, fact fans).

A connoseur of all things donutty, Ignacio once spent a month in voluntary exile to consider the effect of cinnamon on the metabolic rate. When he returned he was a changed man and started breeding pigeons in Surry. It is at this stage that he took up coding - a device to while away the hours whilst waiting for Mr Speckles to return from Gaston 'Unpronounciblexxueteaux.

When he's not coding or pole-vaulting, Ignacio amuses himself by filling Rich's drawers with baked beans. USUALLY while Rich isnt wearing them (but we all remember *THAT* party - Ed)