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Graham Goring

The prank caller

Slave to the machine

Personal Website http://www.duketastrophy.demon.co.uk/

Graham is 23 and is one of the many fine graphics people here at RetroSpec. He enjoys a pint and can often be found, ancient Amstrad laptop in hand propping up the bar in his local 'The Slug and Lettuce'. Despite his obvious talents (see the background graphics in Klass of '99), Graham has a rare blood disease which means he cannot colour between the lines.

Due to a clerical error, Graham went through High School having to do PE in the girl's class. Showers were fun, but swimming got a bit uncomfortable as it got more and more difficult to find a swimsuit in his size. Drawing the line at wearing the pleated skirt for tennis, Graham finally went to complain to his Headmaster and inform him of the error. He received 200 lines and had to spend his next 10 lunchtimes scraping chewing gum off the bottom of desks.

Gender issues finally sorted out, Graham became a straight-A student and went on to attain a PhD in Applied Astrophysics by writing a thesis on the behaviour of a black hole when it enters the influence of a quasi-pulsar. Graham now phones people in the middle of the night and tries to sell them Prozac for a living.

Photo of Graham was stolen from Andrew Collier in an SAS-style raid by people who shall remain nameless. Andrew was found the following day wearing a hat which read 'M7 Maintenance Droid'. When asked for an explanation for this, he simply muttered 'stressed plasteel' before passing out. Rumours that Rich Jordan was seen waving a shiny new set of ram thrusters soon afterwards are unconfirmed.