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Andy Noble

Icon for pimps everywhere

Slave to the machine

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Back in the 70s, Andy was the first person to release a single in the UK based solely on his haircut. "Look at my Afro" entered the top 10 at number 4 in the charts on March 17th 1978 and remains a firm favourite in nightclubs across Luxembourg.

On the back of his pop stardom, Andy made numerous attempts to cash-in on his fame by releasing seven books of poetry (most notably "Fings wot I rote on the potty"), several works of art, and an album of duets with well-known art critic Sister Wendy. None were particularly successful outside Andy's group of fans (known in the press as Andettis).

However, luckily for us at RetroSpec, this did not detur Andy from persuing his artistic dream - to work on graphics for computer games - and thus he found RetroSpec, settled in and now delights and entertains us all whenever he comes to the clubhouse by being the only one to bring pizza (cleverly concealed in his afro).