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Allan Bentham

Butane fuelled tube rider

Slave to the machine

Personal Website http://www.btinternet.com/~Allan.Bentham/

One day, we were enjoying a quiet game of scrabble when we heard an enthusiastic cry of 'Geeeeerrrrronimoooooo' shortly before a friesien heffer crashed through the roof. "Odd" we thought. It wasn't wearing a parachute.

Some minutes later, Allan rocked up in his fancy Volvo convertible , driving straight through the wall, over the scrabble table (incredibly leaving all the tiles in place) and into the toilet. We found him several days later on Alpha Centauri (reached by the wormhole which leads to the TV room on Io, then turn right at the first undocumented obelisk) wanding around aimlessly humming the chorus of "Look at my Afro". Andy of course took a shine to him immediately - so here he is.

Allan has made a name for himself by attempting to surf the waves in the bathtub which lap at the porcelain for 3 hours after Jeff gets out of it (water displacement off a beer-belly dontchaknow). Depite several painful wipeouts, Allan persevered and is now quite good at it.

Allan is only the second person to survive being on the same scrabble team as Peter (he feigned death very convincingly shortly after Peter started shaking mixed herbs onto his head).