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Adam Dawes

The matrix-obsessed 3d whore

Slave to the machine

Personal Website http://www.adamdawes.com/

Adam Dawes entered the clubhouse via the chimney one christmas, which rather upset Dan who was pretending to be Harry Potter with Floo powder at the time and suffered a nasty concussion and kept babbling about Madame Pomfrey for a fortnight. "Hurrah!" cried Adam, thrusting forth a pair of stockings in Graham's direction "Look what I have for all the good boys and girls". Graham ran off to his room to hide his little gingham number, whilst Adam hopped over to the nearest PC and booted up his goodies (much to John B's embarassment).

Turns out Adam's been working on a spiffingly smashtastic retrostylee game (stylee way! - stoned Ed) called Highway Pursuit. Well of course we welcomed him with open arms (except Graham who was busy trying to stop the socks from falling out of his bracups).

Adam brings to the team some much-needed seniority - being some 57 years older than the rest of us combined. He is a specialist chef in Luxembourgian cuisine, and spends his free time snorkeling around Kent (unless we misheard
him - Ed) (Wayhay! - Neil) (Gerroff me with them flippers! - Graham).