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Cybernoid 2

By Graham Goring

Galactic pirates are pillaging the universe. Time to take some of it back I think... Strap into your ship and enter the Pirate space fortress for some pillage of your own..

Hello and welcome to a somewhat belated webpage for my current project, Cybernoid 2.

I started on this game a good while ago and I've been meaning to do a page for it ever since, however I've often thought that doing a page for a project too early on was a kiss of death as it meant you were trying to find something other to do than program.

Actually, it's rather ironic that this is the first game in ages that it looks like I'm going to finish as the project started out under the wing of another Retrospec member, Russell Hoy. After offering my services to him to write a level editor and the associated collision code (which I got rather carried away with) he generously said I could take the project over if I wanted with him staying on to build all the levels. Seeing as the majority of the graphics were already done thanks to John Blythe and that I even had a few music tracks for the game courteosy of Will Morton I jumped at the chance.


Program by Graham Goring
Graphics by John Blythe
Level Building by Russell Hoy
Music by Will Morton - www.willmorton.co.uk

Original Game by Raphael Cecco
Original Graphics by Hugh Binns
Original Music by J Dave Rogers


Downloads Tracked: 42583
Platforms: pc
Start Date: 01 January, 2001
Finish Date: 08 April, 2002
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Coding: Graham Goring
Original Coding: Russell Hoy
Graphics: John Blythe